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  Compounding Instructions  
Compounding Instructions
Maxima makes no claims about the efficacy of any drug or drug combination in Diffusimax.
Formulations for Diffusimax Kit
Maxima is in the process of introducing new versions of the Diffusimax Kit. The difference between the original kit and new kit is the ratio between Compound A and Compound B.

Original Kit: 25 ml A to 75 ml B (for 100 ml kit) OR 125 ml A to 375 ml B (for 500 ml kit) OR 250 ml A to 750 ml B (for 1000 ml kit)
New Kit: 20 ml A to 80 ml B (for 100 ml kit) OR 100 ml A to 400 ml B (for 500 ml kit) OR 200 ml A to 800 ml B (for 1000 ml kit)

During the transition period, you will need to check which version you have prior to compounding. The new kits have red Alert stickers and a package insert that provides product details.

Choose the appropriate kit.
   Diffusimax 25% / 75% Kit
           Diffusimax 25:75 Kit               Diffusimax10 25:75 Kit
   Diffusimax 20% / 80% Kit
           Diffusimax 20:80 Kit              Diffusimax 20:80 Kit
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