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  Information for the Physician  
Compounding Instructions
Diffusimax is pluronic lecithin organogel, often abbreviated as PLO gel. It is a liposomal base that is used as a vehicle for preparing a wide range of topical drug formulations.
Physicians and patients are increasingly choosing topical creams, but commercial preparations are limited in terms of drug choices and concentration choices. With Diffusimax, physicians choose the drug and the dosage that is right for the patient.

The medications most commonly used in Diffusimax are the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, but many different medications and combinations of medications are now being prescribed.

Patient Instructions
Patients should be given the following instructions:
  • Wash your hands before applying.
  • Rub a thin layer of Diffusimax cream into the appropriate area of skin.
  • Allow Diffusimax to dry for a few minutes before applying clothing over the area (if applicable). The product will leave a slightly waxy feeling.
  • Wash your hands with cold water after application. Due to an unusual property of the gelling agent, cold water is better than warm water at dissolving the cream.
When using a Diffusimax prescription, avoid contact with the eyes. If Diffusimax does come into contact with your eyes, rinse with cold water.

Diffusimax must only be used topically and must not be ingested.

Skin irritation with Diffusimax is very uncommon, but can occur. It is also possible to have a skin reaction to the medications that are mixed in Diffusimax.
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